Concrete Polishing

Concrete Polishing

polished concrete

Cost-Effective Polished Concrete Installations and Treatments

Improve your concrete floor's beauty and functionality with the help of Benco Concrete Inc. Our polished concrete allows you to have a shiny and elegant floor that is virtually maintenance free. Whether you want to have a new polished floor installed, or you want to to polish your existing floor, the pros at Benco Concrete can get you the sleek, modern look of polished concrete you deserve!

What Is Polishing

It is a multi-step process where a concrete floor is mechanically ground, honed, and polished with bonded abrasives to cut its surface. It is then refined to achieve a specified level of appearance.


Why Choose Polished Concrete

This type of flooring can be used for both interior and exterior settings. The sheen on its surface reflects light, making your space brighter especially during the day. It is also good for places with heavy foot traffic since it is durable and easier to clean.

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