Concrete Sealing

Concrete Sealing


Restoracrete Concrete Sealing and Maintenance Services From Benco Concrete Inc.

Are you in need of a concrete sealing service? Make your old stamped concrete, exposed aggregate and other types of concrete systems look like new again! Benco Concrete is the KW area’s most preferred concrete sealing service! We take pride in transforming your old, dull looking concrete into looking like new again! Our premium quality sealer can also be coloured with a metered, liquid colour dispersion to create a coloured, stain-sealer to cover up unsightly white concrete that would never come clean, allowing you a fresh new beginning in the colour of your choice. Sealing also protects your concrete from oil stains and U.V fading as it increases the lifetime of your surface.

pic concrete w waterbeads closeup

Sealing will protect your concrete against moisture and sun. This process establishes a barrier on that penetrates into the surface of the concrete, which provides protection and restores the beauty of your concrete.  Concrete sealing repels water, oil BBQ grease, and anything else that might be dropped or spilled on the surface..

The process should only take 2 days, weather permitting. Day 1, we thoroughly power wash your concrete. We remove any unsightly weeds or other debris as well. Before we leave, we put caution tape around the area to stop people from driving or walking on it, in order to keep it clean. The concrete is then left to dry overnight, and we return the next day to apply the sealer. We recommend that you do not drive on your newly sealed surface for 48 hours. You can walk on it 2 to 4 hours after completion.

Do you apply the sealer with a sprayer, or do you roll it on?
Both. Our 30+ years of experience has taught us that sealer needs to be sealed and then rolled in order for your concrete to look its best and protect it as long as possible. We find that when the sealer is applied with a roller only, the sealer is uneven and shows roller marks. We also find that if sealer is applied with a sprayer only, it is also uneven and doesn’t penetrate into the concrete as deeply as it should. When you apply the concrete with a sprayer and then roll behind it, you get a perfectly even coat of sealer with no sprayer or roller lines. Rolling the sealer after it’s been sprayed also causes the sealer to penetrate deep within the surface of the concrete

Does concrete sealer have to be so shiny?
Many people love the look of shiny, freshly sealed concrete. For those of you who don’t, we offer concrete sealer in low and medium gloss as well.

By using a high-end sealer applied by highly-trained professionals, your surface will have a clear, vibrant finish. You will not see a cloudy film. We guarantee it!

Absolutely not!  In fact, we are so sure of this that we will power wash and seal your concrete at no charge to you if our sealer makes your concrete slippery when wet or dry!  Many people believe that sealing various types of concrete makes the surface slippery.  We acknowledge that this can definitely be true, but it is also totally avoidable.  The fact is, many homeowners and inexperienced concrete contractors apply slippery sealer because they are neglecting to put a non-slip additive into the concrete.  Not to worry.  We use a non-slip additive in our sealer which prevents your concrete or brick pavers from becoming slippery. Don’t let the fear of slips and falls prevent you from beautifying your concrete while protecting your investment.

If your concrete is looking dull or faded, resealing will return the vibrant look of a new installation. Simply run some water over the top of your surface. If the water does not bead up, you might need a fresh coat of sealer.  If your concrete seems to be staining more easily than in the past from leaves, oil, or other materials, this is also a good indication that your sealer may need to be done.

The quality and type of installation you have will play a role in how long the sealer lasts. In general, the first sealing should last 1 to 2 years depending on various factors including traffic, rain and sun. Through the course of multiple applications in years to follow, you can expect a longer lasting performance. You might also want to reseal for aesthetic reasons as this will bring out the beauty of your concrete and make the surface look new again.

Do you seal brick pavers or natural stone pavers?
Although we don’t install brick pavers and various types of stone paving systems, we do maintain and seal them. We can also renew your brick or stone hardscaping by redoing the joints with a polymeric sand prior to sealing. Sealing your brick or stone paving will also preserve its natural beauty and help prevent infestations of insects and weeds commonly found between them.